"Pieta" - The Kennedy Assassination

Based on the Kennedy Assassination,“Pietà” captures a moment at Parkland Hospital witnessed by few and never photographed. Taken directly from the pages of the Warren Commission Report on the assassination of John F. Kennedy, the Pieta gives us a glimpse into the painful last moments of the life of JFK.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

"Pieta" The Kennedy Assassination

November 22nd, 2005, The New York Times withheld publication of an ad from the Sharing the Moment Foundation, featuring an historical painting of the Kennedy Assassination by Minnesota Artist Mark Balma. The "Pieta," which means compassion, explores the anguished final moments shared between the martyred President and his wife, Mrs. Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy at the Parkland Hospital.

After a lengthy approval process, including reviews by the Times legal staff, Senior Editor, and Advertising Departments, the ad was approved for publication in the November 22nd edition of the New York Times. However, 48 hours before the ad was to run, New York Times Chairman Arthur Sulzburger pulled the ad, citing that it was too controversial. Unknown to the Times, the ad was also scheduled to run on that same date in the Artist's home state of Minnesota.

As a courtesy, the Foundation informed The Minneapolis Star & Tribune and the St. Paul Pioneer Press that the Times had pulled the ad. Both papers rejected Sulzburger's assessment and ran the full page ads as scheduled. To view the painting, or learn more about the Sharing the Moment Foundation go to: www.sharingthemoment.org